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The infant, toddler, and child stages of development are when we begin to develop the foundation for our life. This is when we learn how to approach and handle problems and challenges as well as develop our critical thinking and social skills. It is important for parents to ensure that they are helping their children build this foundation so that they will be equipped to have a successful life.

The Kids Zone Learning Center is dedicated to helping younger children develop confidence and independence within a strong support system. The Montessori education method is focused on reaching key development milestones, encouraging cooperative play, inspiring creativity, and teaching order and self-discipline naturally. These are the building blocks your child needs to have to learn the right way.

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Our mission is to give the ultimate care to the one that we care for the most, our children, by providing them with a clean, healthy, safe, fun learning environment.

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Every student is different. That means not all teaching methods are going to work for an entire classroom. The teachers at our Learning Center  are given time to learn your child’s strengths and learning styles. This allows them to create individualized curriculum that can be carried over from year to year, thus building a deep trust with your child as well as with your family.


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